My Personal Social Media Activity

Many things have changed since Oliver and I founded Lisk over two years ago. The Lisk ecosystem and the blockchain studio behind it, Lightcurve, has grown dramatically. Lightcurve now has over 40 employees and will continue to expand rapidly this year. What was once just me, Oliver and a modest following of believers, has transformed into a structured company with multiple departments that has brand recognition and dedicated community members around the world.

With this astonishing growth comes a great deal of shared responsibilities. I’m not part of all departments anymore; I have a great team taking care of the many day-to-day duties that a growing company requires. That gives me the room to focus on business development, management and strategy. At times, I also take time to dive deeper into my hobby of product design for Lisk.

One important aspect of every blockchain project is its community. You often see me answering questions and messages on our various social media channels like Twitter, Reddit,, Telegram, Discord and others. However, most of the messages I receive come in the form of private messages, therefore the public can’t see the massive amount of them.

To keep up with the ecosystem’s rapid growth, Lightcurve has brought on two incredible Community Managers and several Marketing Managers over the last few months.

Our Community Manager Mat has been very involved and responsive on, Reddit, Telegram and Discord. Our Marketing Managers Michael and Kuba are responsible for our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Please be sure to check our social media channels out, as we are constantly tweeting and posting company news and interesting tidbits for you! We are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with everyone in all regards.

In an effort to make my days more efficient, I’d like to announce that from here forward, I won’t respond to any private messages anymore. Please contact Mat if you need anything. Additionally, I’d like to remind everyone that Lisk is a decentralized blockchain project and the wider community is extremely helpful. Make sure to make use of this and simply ask questions publicly.

In terms of public communication, I will focus on two channels - Reddit (MaxKK) and Twitter (MaxKordek). However, these are not my main responsibilities during the day.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Best regards,

Max Kordek