At the beginning of 2018, I have announced that MADANA is receiving the first investment of 200,000€ from The Pioneer’s Vault for committing to build a blockchain application on the future Lisk platform. On September 1st, they have successfully launched their pre-sale after completing a variety of business and technological milestones. Therefore, The Pioneer’s Vault is ready to announce its second investment of another 120,000€ in MADANA.

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A summary about the project

MADANA stands for Market for Data Analysis and enables individuals to participate in their personal data market, while simultaneously preserving their privacy. Its ecosystem incorporates a token known as PAX. It can be used to buy data analysis results from MADANA’s decentralized information pool while at the same time rewarding data producers. …

With our organization constantly expanding, Oliver and myself have decided to formally divide our areas of responsibility over the entire team. We have done so in order to focus more clearly on departments that require our expertise, in order to ensure Lisk’s ongoing development. As of today, I have officially taken on the challenge of overseeing all user interfaces within the Lisk ecosystem originating from LiskHQ. …

Many things have changed since Oliver and I founded Lisk over two years ago. The Lisk ecosystem and the blockchain studio behind it, Lightcurve, has grown dramatically. Lightcurve now has over 60 employees and will continue to expand rapidly this year. What was once just me, Oliver and a modest followership of believers, has transformed into a structured company with multiple departments, with a brand recognition and dedicated community members all around the world.

With this astonishing growth comes a great deal of shared responsibilities. I’m not part of all departments anymore; I have a great team taking care of the many day-to-day duties that a growing company requires. That gives me the room to focus on management and strategy. …

Announcing First Investment from The Pioneer’s Vault

I’d like to announce that the first investment from The Pioneer’s Vault will be made in MADANA (Market for Data Analysis), which enables individuals to participate in their data market while simultaneously preserving their privacy. Its ecosystem functions with tokens known as PAX (Privacy Analysis Exchange). These tokens can be used to buy data analysis results from MADANA’s decentralized information pool while rewarding data producers.

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What is MADANA?

Following you can find the official explanation of MADANA, described in their executive summary.

The MADANA — Market for Data Analysis — ecosystem allows anyone to get in on the data market with their own data and simultaneously preserving their privacy by design. The PAX (Privacy-Analysis-Exchange) smart token enables anyone to buy data analysis results from a decentralized pool of information while rewarding data producers and plug-in providers for their contribution.

Investments into promising Lisk sidechains

To further stimulate Lisk’s ecosystem growth, I have created The Pioneer’s Vault. The Pioneer’s Vault consists of my personal LSK assets, which are reserved for investments in promising Lisk sidechain projects. I’m pleased to announce that I will personally pledge 1,700,000 LSK to this initiative.

As the Lisk platform continues to see progress throughout this year, we are coming close to a point where entrepreneurs will want to leverage the future Lisk SDK in order to build groundbreaking sidechains. They need to plan ahead — and will likely require funding.

The Pioneer’s Vault — Funding for Entrepreneurs and Developers

I envision a future where the Lisk platform has hundreds of sidechains running on it; a platform which will enable thousands of ICOs to be conducted. I see a connected and self-supporting ecosystem, in which each sidechain is contributing and greatly adding to the benefits of the Lisk platform. …

Nearly 18 months ago I co-founded Lisk together with my dear friend and partner Oliver Beddows. It has been an incredible journey thus far and we have a long and brilliant road ahead. For us, the Lisk project hasn’t come close to showing its full potential yet, and now with 15 people working full-time on our product, it is more evident than ever that the future is bright for the platform and ecosystem.

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One of our core pillars has been the promise of complete transparency to the Lisk community. …

SONM, which is an acronym for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining, is a decentralized fog supercomputer for general-purpose computing. That means you can render videos, analyse chemical molecules and even host whole game servers in a decentralized “processing-cloud”, with the potential to upscale the computing power to your demands and requirements. This is extremely fascinating and has an abundance of use-cases. Especially, in today’s world which is moving more and more towards a decentralized sharing economy.

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Doing due diligence

.. is vital to survive in the Blockchain industry. …

Building a Blockchain application platform to create opportunities within the industry is one way to help the technology moving forward, another one is to advise key players in the market and helping them to achieve their true potential. At the end of the day, the platform is just a tool while the protocols/applications built on top bring the true innovations to this world. That’s why I advised and supported many very successful Blockchain startups anonymously in the past, all raised millions in their ICOs. However, starting now I’m making a public effort to support and help entrepreneurs building Blockchain applications. …


Max Kordek

Co-Founder, President @LiskHQ. Co-Founder, Director @lightcurveHQ. Blockchain Adviser and Enthusiast.

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