Why Medium is a disappointment

Medium is bland, boring and a let-down.

When I signed up for Medium, I was excited. Individuals writing what they want, that can only be interesting right? I expected niche-based articles, controversial stories and opinions and interesting debates. What I got were stories about people’s lives, and articles that just feel like the author want to tell his/her story and adding an “inspirational” twist to it to make it pseudo-relevant. In the two to three months (could be more, to be honest I don’t really know) I’ve been on here, I read two articles that were interesting, “Dear Muslims” and “Dear America: Here is your gun solution” (which I would recommend by the way). Maybe I like articles that include the word “Dear” in the title, who knows..

Granted, I haven’t been on here every day in the time I’ve had this account so maybe I’ve missed out on the juicy articles I’m looking for, but every time I go, I don’t really see anything that appeals to me. I feel like this site has so much potential, I mean it was created by two of the Twitter founders, and don’t tell me Twitter doesn’t have some controversial material. I guess I just expected this site to be an expansion of Tweeters’ (is that what you call twitter users?) thoughts. Obviously I don’t want to read an article written by Kim K, but i was looking for articles about what is going on in the world that isn’t influenced by mass media. Instead I found articles about how to boost my creativity, which I could find on lifehack. I know there are stories etc on here too, but the same applies to them, only a very select few are captivating.

Maybe I set my expectations too high, maybe this isn’t what the site is made for, I don’t really know. Maybe I’m just not using the website in the way it was intended to be used, and I’d like you to note that I’m not saying that Medium is a sh*tty website, I’m sure many users enjoy it. I just felt like expressing my thoughts (which is also what Medium is for right?).

By all means, feel free to contradict me in the comments, this is my personal experience and I know that it isn’t an exhaustive representation of Medium, otherwise it wouldn’t be as popular as it is. However if you’re not going to write anything constructive, don’t bother.

Thanks for reading, this was written spontaneously so I hope you didn’t expect a masterpiece of contemporary literature.

Have a nice day!

P.S. please remember these are just my thoughts and I don’t mean to offend anyone.