The Growing Case Against Nancy Pelosi

CREDIT: AP Photo/Bill Clark

In the wake of the special election for the 6th Congressional District in Georgia, democrats have renewed calls for Nancy Pelosi to step down as house minority leader.

The race was supposed to be a shining example of how democrats learned from the 2016 election and had a winning strategy for the 2018 midterms in a Trump America; that strategy crashed and burned with democratic break-out star Jon Ossoff losing to GOP candidate Karen Handel by 5 percentage points. To be fair, this was not a seat that democrats were ever supposed to win but when 23 million dollars are poured into the race, one should expect better results.

Ossoff’s loss is just another in a series of high profile losses for democrats under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership. Last month democrats lost the special at-large congressional race in Montana. Democrats cannot seem to win under a Trump Presidency.

Jon Ossoff had a hard time fighting republicans who connected his campaign to Pelosi. Now republicans are vowing to tie any democratic candidate to the house minority leader, a strategy that played a role in keeping the Georgia 6th red.

Democrats need to find a new strategy that does not involve simply attacking President Trump if they want to keep whatever shot is left at turning the House blue in 2018.

Pelosi has gone from being a leader to being a liability. To Leader Pelosi’s credit, she is strong in raising funds for the party but when push comes to shove, her leadership of the party does not translate to winning races.

The Democratic Party needs a new leader and a new strategy in order to win in 2018. Clearly just throwing money and promising to fight against Trump is not working.