RUMOR: Season 6 of ‘Friends’ Canceled?

Bad news for fans of NBC’s hit sitcom ‘Friends’ today as entertainment insiders are reporting the show’s biggest shocker yet: that Season 6 may be canceled. These widespread reports come as a surprise to many, especially those who say that Season 6 aired in its entirety 18 years ago.
 “I can only confirm that ‘Friends’ Season 6 will not be a part of our weeknight prime time schedule” said NBC CEO Stephen Burke when questioned about this rumor that’s igniting a fury in Friendaholics worldwide.
 When asked if fans would ever see the fallout of Season 5’s shocking ending in which Ross and Rachel’s drunkenly tie the knot David Schwimmer enigmatically answered “Yes? Doesn’t everyone already know?”
 I guess we’ll just have to wait and see the fate of Season 6 and whether the cancellation of the series after Season 10 will effect the future of 1999 Must See TV!