10 UX tips for Landing page

Digestible text

By digestible text means headlines with a strong offers, sub-headlines, copy text, etc.

Write text purposely. Each sentence written on the landing page should sell your product or service. It means that the very first headline shows strong offer, the second headline adds value to the first headline and make it stronger. And a copy text describes the details of your offer.

Also, it’s better if you can use action words in your headline text. To give more clarity what users will get or what they can do here. Sub-header can concisely describe the benefit of the offer.

Ideally, if your text from 15 Sec reading time. The user should find a value proposition in 5 Sec of scanning landing page. And it’s not bad if people wouldn’t read all texts. It’s very important to respect time of visitors and allow them to quickly find what they are searching for and to make an appropriate action.

First scroll or Top position

In today’s web environment we have plenty of landing pages that have a big height.

The point is that we should use first scroll space for the most important elements of a landing page that make an offer and gives a short description, direction of this page. Thus, we are giving people excerpt from all our offers, important facts, benefits and value of this offer on the first screen. The rest of the space we use for giving an additional description, benefits offers, options, etc.

You should be able to do next things without scrolling:

  • Determine what is the product or service;
  • Understand why it is valuable and;
  • See how to begin the conversion process?

Specific CTA

The better you use an appropriate call to action elements the better conversion you have.

Be assertive and do not overwhelm your page with a not necessary buttons and other CTA elements. Since, it can send a negative association to your users. For instance, they might think that you are trying to sell them something intensively without describing your product or service enough. And plenty of blinking buttons and banners distracting people from getting more information from your page.

Suggestive images of the product

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use specific images, not general. All images and graphic elements should be in a harmony with a strong offer and texts.

A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. For instance, you can use illustrations of complex objects of your product to give a clarity in a specific topic and allow to understand it quickly.

You can use animation to boost the trick with an image. Take a look how Apple uses animation on their landing pages. It gives a complete understanding of their products. Thus, it helps to sell more.

Benefits and features

To make a perfect benefits list, you need to write a facts list first. Try to get as many valuable facts as possible from your product or service and then convert them into benefits and features.

Sometimes, people search for them after they have read the headlines and it can be a selling point. So, be sure that your benefits and features are also a part of your strong offer. It should supplement your main offer, give valuable information and sell.

Testimonials, press, and partners

There are two key examples of social proof here:

  • The headline that points out how popular they are by virtue of the number of signups in a week;
  • The personal testimonial from a customer, including a link to her company for added believability.

Other examples of social proof are:

  • Customer testimonials;
  • Social signals — how well received is your offering on public networks?
  • A count of how many customers you have;
  • Trust seals to establish security of information;
  • Awards from reputable organizations;
  • Customer reviews — which are very powerful when prospects are comparison shopping.

Mobile friendly

It’s not a secret that people surf through websites whenever they want. And 40% of traffic goes from the mobile devices. Good news that you can create one landing page that will be responsive at different screen sizes.

Loading speed

One of the critically important things that your page should show up without big delays.

Optimize code and images to increase loading speed. Turn of not necessary plugins and widgets that delay loading of main content.

Be sure that your target audience located in an area with an Internet speed that allows to load your page immediately or at least at 2–3 seconds. Since, it’s critical to represent your offer before people will switch to another tab in their browser.

“Taking page” is not the same as “Giving page”

Normally, your mission of creating a landing page might be to attract as many as possible customers or maybe generate a lot of sales. And many other purposes of getting value from a landing page.

It’s a clear vision to think about the value that you will get from the landing page. But before that, you had better think about what value will you give people with your landing page.

The rule of reciprocity says that before taking something start giving. It’s a law of nature that works perfectly. Try to think about your landing page as a “Giving page”. Give people value and ask them to buy your service or product.

For instance, you can give people a free sample of your product or a free consultation before they will start to use your service. Try to test as many options as you have in mind regarding your business.

Turning “Taking page” into “Giving page” create you more loyal customers.

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