Potential Difference

How we can use it in our business and personal live

Potential difference in our life

I’m not a physicist but in one of this days I found a formula that describes work and potentials. So, I look on this formula from other point of view and understood how we can use it in our business and personal live. I love simple things that can teach us and give understanding of important laws of living on fundamental knowledge. So, I decided to share with you this conception.

Try to understand what am I talking about to save a lot of time in your live and become more effective than you are now. So, spending time on reading this article can make a big investment in your further live.

As we see from this video potential difference generate energy that going from minus to plus. Interesting thought that we always in our life go from current point to point with bigger achievements. One point is equal to minus and one other point is equal to plus.


We have more energy when second potential is much bigger than first. We often can find this in motivational articles or lifehacks. In which says that we should take challenging projects to fill ourselves with a huge amount of energy for work on this projects.

Fundamental Mechanism of Nature

Nature has a very good fundamental mechanism that works a thousands of years. Maybe even more. The point is that nature doesn’t like empty spaces and this spaces always will be filled with something. The question is with what. If you don’t have any things to do then nature will fill this space with things that needed to be complete for someone else or in other case nature can give you a problems and you will spend this time on solving them. I always recommend to my familiar people to get known what they want to do. Even if they don’t want manage their lives I think each of us should know what we want. This is most important question in our life. Why I am talking about in this topic?

Our Goals

When we know what we want then we understand higher potential and we know what for we need to release energy to achieve our goal. Nature is very smart and give to us energy only when we need it. Let’s take a simple example from university or college. Remember the time when you have to immediately pass the exams. You have a strict date of exam and you can’t prolong date of exam. So, even if you have only one day to prepare for this exam you’ll definitely have enough energy to prepare for this exam in a record terms even if you’ll not sleep at night before exam. Think about it. I’m sure most of you, my readers, was in that situation. I think this is interesting small phenomenon of our abilities. I would say this is our natural abilities, but not all of us know about this and use it.

How we can use this knowledge?

We can spend our everyday time in the next way. For example, typical work day in the office work: we come to work, take a cup of coffee and speak with colleagues about past weekend, take a small brake and take a walk through the office than come to our work space and we don’t want to start work immediately, we take some time for start from something easy. For example check facebook news feed or upload to Instagram some funny photos and pictures. After that we take a break for a lunch and after lunch we check Facebook again and only last couple hours we do our job and this is in the best case. I worked in a big companies and I know this scheme of work from experience of my colleagues. In this example we can find a clear understanding of highest potential for typical office workers. This potential is not so high. Usually this type of people have small level of energy. If we compare office workers with top managers or even with ceo then we clearly see that second type of persons has higher level of energy instead of simple worker. They have different goals and consequently different potentials. It means that they act on different energetic levels.


As I wrote early we choose what we want and from this depends your acts. If you want to teach yourself with something new and exciting and also do this in the short time. Be brave to set a huge goals. I’m sure you’ll have enough living energy to achieve this. Take this formula of potentials and use it each time whenever you need to achieve something. Do this naturally and I’m sure you’ll come to success early than you think.

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