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Although there are a handful of well-known core engineering branches such as Industrial, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical and Computer, there are scores more of other branches and sub-branches. Regardless of which discipline you choose as an undergraduate, you will likely obtain a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE). Each University has its own offering of degrees, programs, specialties and curriculums. To be able to determine what is right for you, you must first understand what the different branches entail; the industry trends and needs, salary and growth potential, and most importantly — what interests you. Earning an Engineering degree is…

As the summer rapidly approaches, many have begun to shift their fitness focus out of hibernation and into summer-readiness goals. That being said, it can be hard to bounce back from a winter hiatus. Luckily, you can gain some added motivation from fitness classes and workouts that keep things fresh and exciting for you.

Shape Training

The classes at Shape may seem like conventional workouts on the surface, but after a little research, it’s clear they try to push the boundaries with kickboxing, cycling and more. From the bikes tilting and turning alongside you, to the lift class that is literally unlike…

Anyone who’s attended a college or university is no stranger to running from class to class, with a backpack full of books and little time to spare. The stress of college weighs deeply in a balancing act between attending a hefty schedule of classes, staying on schedule with assignment due dates, attempting to keep that GPA above a 3.0, and for many, working a part-time job on top of it all.

A large majority of college students become overwhelmed when their courses and assignments begin to pile up. There comes a time in every semester when the workload becomes overbearing…

Working out the Right Way: Proper Form is Key

By Max Swahn

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, male or female, young or old, there is a right way and a wrong way to work out. You may be hitting the gym to get healthy, achieve a particular body physique, prepare for a competition, recover from an injury, or simply to relieve some stress. Regardless of your motives, one of the most important factors to consider is proper form while exercising. It is the foundation for a successful workout.

Every exercise is different, and the intent here is…

Max Swahn

Founded in 1989 in Columbus, Ohio as a 1-day bodybuilding competition named The Arnold Classic, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Arnold Sports Festival (ASF) has grown to become the largest 4-day multi-sport event in the world. Held not only in the United States, the ASF is also currently held in Australia, Europe, Brazil, and Africa.

According to PCMA, the Professional Convention Management Association, “In 1989, after winning the Mr. Olympia contest in Columbus every year between 1970–1975, bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with sports promoter Jim Lorimer, launched the very first Arnold Sports Festival. …

Every bodybuilder knows the challenges of getting the proper nutrition at the appropriate/desired times of the day based on their individual fitness routine. No doubt, most have done their own meal prep, and have resorted to protein bars and snacks for convenience. Most certainly, the bars and snacks are acceptable, but probably not the perfect blend of ingredients.

Imagine this: pre/post-workout nutrient bars, snacks and perhaps even some meal prep — all fully customized to your individual needs — on a printer. Sound crazy? Is this even in the realm of possibility? Well, it might not be that far off.

All bodybuilders know a key factor in building muscle mass is protein. There are a number of great natural protein sources like chicken, beans, eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and oats. But when you need a quick and easy protein boost on-the-go, nuts are an excellent option. With so many different nuts on the market, how do you choose? Are all nuts created equal? Should you always choose the highest protein per serving? Is fat good or bad? Are more calories a good trade-off for more flavor?

When choosing a nut to snack on, there are at least 5 that…

Also called additive manufacturing (AM), the term 3D printing is widely recognized and ‘relatively new’ technology. With less waste, no tooling or machining and the ability to uniquely customize each product through digital modeling, it is very much differentiated from traditional manufacturing processes.

3D is a process for making an object from a three-dimensional model using a computer and 3D printer to join or solidify a material by laying down successive thin layers of material until the item is complete. This can be a very simple or extremely complex design.

The application of 3D printing runs the gamut of industries…

Often, when people think of bodybuilding, they think only of lifting weights. However, lifting weights isn’t the only aspect of bodybuilding. Nutrition is a vastly overlooked factor and can be the biggest component of a bodybuilder’s life. And no, it doesn’t mean drinking just protein shakes all day either. Establishing a healthy nutrition plan created specifically for bodybuilding is tremendously important. Here are some tips to get started:

There are two main phases of a bodybuilder’s life when it comes to nutrition: bulking and cutting. The goals of these two phases are vastly different, and the number of calories required…

Engineering is a profession that encompasses a wide-range of services and vocations. No matter what type of engineer someone wants to become, they need a good education in order to be successful, but this is where some schools are falling short. According to, there are several ways to bridge the gap between industry requirements and academic curriculums.


Any good infrastructure needs to start with the right tools. The proper technology will provide the methods needed to teach students at a professional level, which will lead to competent and well-educated engineers when they graduate. …

Max Swahn

Max Swahn is an engineering student enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh. He is set to graduate in April 2018. |

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