Learning the Ropes on Medium

This is my first experience with Medium. I am intrigued by how simple this tool make it to format a nice and succinct piece. It is also great that I can use my own tweets to enhance the article.

In addition, it is easy to embed a tweet from any account. This means that I can bring in multiple opinions and personalities.

The final project for #loweclass is about to get underway. We will once again be diving into the field of video journalism. I was very pleased with how my last piece turned out, and I am eager to begin the process again.

The New York Times has been producing “Op-Docs” like this one for a while now, and this is the style in which my video will most likely take after. I want to tell somebody’s story through imagery and emotion. These pieces from the New York Times do a wonderful job getting up close to the subjects and really conveying the emotions of the moment to the audience.

After getting my last project published, I can’t wait to get started on this next adventure and also improve the areas that need work.