I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Amazingly, you have left out a critical portion of your article. Transmen. For my entire life I’ve been called a traitor to feminism. That I reject my femininity because of patriarcy. That the only reason I wanted to transition is due to wanting male privledge.

So please understand something, yes you fight a righteous fight for women’s rights. And I fought right along with you, though I think you might be a bit younger than me.

But transgender individuals? Per-capita as a demographic in the victim column, transgender individuals have the highest sexual assault rate, highest violent assault rate, highest murder rate. In 48 states “TransPanic” is a legitimate defense to murder. In 47 states, it is legal to deny housing, jobs, loans, medical care, to transgender individuals.

To address some points you made. Folks date who they are attracted to. It’s not transphobic to not want to date a transgender individual. We all have preferences and no amount of screaming those terms is going to change that preference.

Now I can understand at a spa that is clothing optional not wanting to see a penis.

In a public restroom though, really shouldn’t be paying that much attention to what’s going on in that area. Kind of creepy really.

Speaking of such things, a good many people with your viewpoint want transgender individuals to use the bathroom that their documentation matches. I’d be in trouble. I’m a 6'2, bearded, weight trainer, but because of the state I was born in, and that I cannot have bottom surgery due to other health issues, I cannot change my gender marker. So I’m stuck with F on all my documentation. Which means, with those laws I’d be forced to use the ladies room. Nobody wants me in the ladies room, I don’t want to be there, you certainly do not want me there. That is a space for women, not men. Transwomen though, are not men. Transmen are not women.

Add in, the transwomen I know that are pre SRS would never take their bottoms off in a clothing optional area geared towards women.

In closing, you ask that transgender individuals stop policing your language. But, that’s exactly what you’re doing to us. The most marginalized demographic of humanity. Yeah we live in a first world nation here, and have access to the internet, and education, and the moment it’s found out that we’re transgender, most of society loses their mind. We are poor, we are dehumanized, we are thrown away like trash.

And I say all this, with a uterus, that even with HRT, still decides to bleed every damn month.

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