This blanket statement is the reason no one get’s along anymore.
Gabe Hanson

I don’t remember Republicans saying women blacks and Hispanics aren’t human

Trump, on Hispanics: “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” “The best tacos are at Trump tower” “Taco trucks on every corner”

Trump on women: “pigs”, “slobs”, “blood coming out of her whatever”, “if she wasn’t my daughter I’d probably date her”

Trump on blacks: Repeated “law and order” about five times in one minute at the debate in response to a question about race — a well-known “dog whistle” for keeping black people down. Frequently talks about blacks as lazy, violent, inner-city thugs. Brags about being endorsed by police officers.

Trump on Muslims: Proposed a “total and complete shut down” to immigration of Muslims, some 1 billion people. Despite the Syrian refugee crisis, and despite refusing to condemn David Duke because he’s never heard of him. Insinuated that a Muslim women who lost her son in the armed forces “wasn’t allowed to speak” at DNC.

Trump on the LGBT community: opposes marriage equality, probably sees it as a threat to the institution of marriage (how many wives has he had?) Bragged about protecting them — from terrorists — at his RNC speech but clearly pandering.

Yes, with the exception of “pigs” none of that is literally inhuman. But he clearly sees these historically oppressed minorities as second-class citizens. All of this is incredibly well-documented (here’s one list), and I’ll leave you to google as you please.

True, all of this is targeting Trump specifically. But he’s who the GOP has chosen as their standard-bearer and almost all of them have endorsed him.

But, you don’t actually care. You’re looking to pick a fight, to mansplain, to “just ask questions” and not listen to answers. If you actually cared why I could possibly not want to vote Republican you should have given more than half a second into empathizing how someone could possibly think “… are people too” would be necessary to say. You’re using the same emotionally abusive tactics that Trump uses to shift blame, project accusations of racism (“Godwin’s law on yourself”, lol wut), and shut down productive political discourse. Goodbye. *reaches for block button*

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