In April, I walked away from my job. In the exit interview, I stated my coworkers weren’t curious and explained that I wanted to work on new and interesting problems. It was emotional and challenging for me. I felt guilty about jumping ship and abandoning a vision I had helped create and sell. My coworkers had become my best friends and together we’d taken the business to new highs. I suspect it felt sudden to many, but my decision to exit was far from spontaneous.

Four months ago, I had lunch with my good friend, Corey, who was in town…

No Shortage of Creativity in Medellin’s Communa 13. Credit: Jeff Chan Tin (

My Unsolicited Perspective

Travel can be used as a force for good. It can evoke empathy, bring people together and tell meaningful stories. It can be a tool for wealth distribution and economic empowerment.

Unfortunately, travel is frequently oversimplified; it is dominated by yearly media bucket lists, influenced by a thirst for social media likes, and homogenized by mass produced itineraries. Raise your hand if someone in the last six months has said to you, “this is the year to visit Cuba before it changes”.

Myanmar, once a tourism dead zone, is now the darling of the backpacking scene. You can sit atop…

A 5-day rafting journey down Colombia’s endangered Río Samaná

Credit: Jeffrey Chan Tin //

The door of the large white van swung open with a loud thud, exposing us to the hectic scene outside. In a small enclosed front yard in the lush hills of Medellín, a crowd of people scurried around stuffing gear in bags, prepping camera equipment, and hoisting kayaks onto the roof of a pastel yellow jeep.

Several photographers from Bogotá huddled on the steps of the messy house watching a team of workers load dry bags into the back of the van. Victor, a smooth talking, French traveler smoked a cigarette and leaned on a shady wall. In the background…

Max Joles

Designer, entrepreneur, and generally curious dude. CEO of Confidently Curious and Co-Founder of MadebyAdventure. Find me at

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