Digital Assets gave up gains earlier in the week to end just +4% WoW and just shy of US$200B market cap mark. BTC saw weekly gains narrowed to 2.5%, enough though to bring its YTD price performance back into positive territory.

Amongst major asset classes, only BTC and Gold…


Digital Assets +9% WoW. BTC +10%, did most of the heavy lifting outperforming Altcoins +6.6%.

BTC outperformance this week brings the total rally off the Friday the 13th low to +78% and increased BTC’s chunk of the total digital asset market cap to almost 70%— a YTD high.



Digital Assets +7% this week — bouncing somewhat after last week’s record sell off. Breadth this week was strongly positive with 95% of the top 200 coins and tokens ending the week higher. BTC ended the week +16%, ETH +9%, and Altcoins as a group were +4.5%.

Last week’s…


Friday the 13th. Digital Assets -47% WoW. Trading this week increased to a daily average of US$200B across the space with BTC and USDT trading record single day volumes today (BTC at US$68B, USDT at US$98B).

Selling this week was driven by macro uncertainties as Coronavirus driven supply chain…


Digital Assets +4% this week to recover back above the 20 day moving average and the US$250B market cap level. Volume was a bit lighter this week, -8% WoW.

BTC price movement this week was largely macro led with the US fed cutting rates, 10 year T Bills falling…


Digital Assets -6% this week — giving up most of last week’s +8% gains. Volume was up +14% from the previous week to a daily average of US$166B. BTC -3% helped offset profit taking in outperforming smaller coins and tokens -13% .

Alt Coin declines were broad based with…


Digital Assets extended gains to end the week up another +8% — outpacing strength in US/Chinese equities, Commodities and Gold. Overall Digital Asset volume gained +35% wow to a daily average of $150B.

BTC +1% gains this week were pretty tame vs smaller, higher beta coins which did much…

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