Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! I’m writing you this little newsletter just to let you know that I started migrating off medium to

What does this mean?
I started building my own personal blog, without any paywall or ads and with (I hope) a better reading experience for you all, especially on mobile. I also want to try more things in terms of writing, and having full control over the layout and the appearance is essential.

All my articles will be available for free on this blog, I’ll add the corresponding links to the medium posts that landed behind a paywall without me noticing.

If you’re a medium fan, don’t you worry! I’ll keep posting on medium in the future, and articles will be released publically at the same time.

Thank you for your support!

Make sure your UI projects follow accessibility standards before deploying to production

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A more accessible, readable, mobile-friendly and up to date version of this story is available on !

While writing tests (unit, integration or end to end) is core to my day to day workflow before pushing anything to production, I’ve often forgotten to bring my focus to whether…

Maxime Heckel

Software engineer and space enthusiast. Currently working for @docker.

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