Ten Years of Losing Cats

Maximillian Piras
Feb 27, 2017 · 4 min read
Jeremy Nakamura wearing our Astro Cat Tee, which debuted at New Museum’s gift shop.

In 2015 I founded a brand called Lost Cat™, which embodies a never ending search for new ideas, understanding & meaning. It embraces the unknown & encourages you to as well. This article details its accidental history, which dates back to over a decade.

It started as a joke.


Before Lost Cat™ (the brand) there was Lost Cat (the joke). At age 13, me & Rex Young (my best friend at the time) were just two rambunctious teenagers in New York City with a videocamera & way too much enthusiasm for a prank show called Trigger Happy TV. In mimicry we inter-spliced skits & pranks into our home made skate videos. One notable segment featured an oversized poster of a crudely drawn cat, only stating “Lost Cat: if you find him give him back to me!”. Reactions of people passing by were filmed from my mom’s apartment window. That’s how it started & the final edit was an iMovie time-lapse that premiered only to my pimply school friends. The footage was fittingly lost.

Inspired by our first (now lost) video, we made “Sandwich Board”.


In college I began searching for an enjoyable escape from my Graphic Design assignments void of the resulting pseudo-intellectual analysis from my classmates & teachers. With help from my friends Bryan Walton & Jean-Paul Huang we came up with some new Lost Cat variations & hung them up in Long Beach, California. No reactions were documented.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

2012–2013 VOYEURISM

When I returned to New York City I developed a new graphic & added a philosophical statement: “If found then consider that we’re all lost in some sense”. It was somewhat of a self-portrait, as I was back home physically but completely lost mentally. I pasted it up & shot passers-by glancing. In retrospect, my fascination with people’s reactions was a precursor to the first Lost Cat™ Annual Report.

Colin Cowley wearing the Consider Cat Crewneck Sweatshirt.


My friend Colin Cowley suggested I make shirts, but at the time I was reluctant. I thought there were too many streetwear brands already. Three years later I trademarked Lost Cat™ & began embarking on this project. The reason I finally caved is because of the overwhelmingly positive response people have to the designs, philosophical statements, & overall concept. I can’t take complete credit because this project was born out of various philosophical discussions with my open minded & creative friends. Thanks to all of you for encouraging me, even though I have no idea what I’m doing.

Chinese Cat Stickers.


Since this project was developed unintentionally, I’m going to continue shooting in the dark. The Annual Report report should help you understand the role of a savantrepreneur. If every brand delineates a lifestyle for its customers to buy into, then ours is one in constant pursuit of discovery. I can only provide you temporary answers since I am constantly searching for revelations. The end of this search constitutes the end of Lost Cat™, thus its existence represents an acceptance & enjoyment of not knowing.


If at the core of every brand is an ideology, then a brand’s products are simply vessels with which to consume that ideology. This means our products are actually affirmations of their own extinction, as they will be phased out once they deliver the insight we are looking for. Tomorrow Lost Cat™ may only make steel pipes if a hypothesis requires, so if you think that Faith Cat shirt is fresh you should probably buy it now.

Sebastian Piras wearing the Faith Cat Tee.

This is an excerpt from my Lost Cat™ Annual Report 01. Download the full report for free at http://lostcat.nyc/Report/LostCat_AnnualReport01.pdf

Join our aimless journey: lostcat.co

Maximillian Piras

Written by

Product Designer, www.maximillian.nyc

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