Mark Zuckerberg Hates Black People
The DiDi Delgado

It’s clear there’s a HUGE problem with reports are moderated on Facebook, especially considering the amounts of trolls that get their jollies from fucking with any marginalized people who speak up on any social media platform. However, given that facebook’s moderation is done not by Mark Zuckerberg himself, nor by a small team of “lily white” moderators hand picked by him, I’m not sure I see the intent in accusing him of hating Black people. Whether he does or doesn’t, it hardly affects the current 4500-person “team” of moderators, most of whom are severely underpaid and overworked contractors in the Philippines, and who are likely pushed by ridiculously high metrics to make snap judgments (and often bad ones) based on a quick glance at a text post, photo, or video. I can see, presumably, the idea to catch his attention in the hope that he’ll make changes within the company to counter this trend. Unfortunately, between it being an industry-wide standard to outsource tech work to contractors to avoid paying fair wages, and the fact that Zuckerberg and his CEOs seem only to be concerned with how thickly they can line their pockets, one wouldn’t think he would care *what* you call him, so long as he keeps raking in billions each year.