When A Designer’s Block Befriends You.

Exploring random stuff on your Tumblr feed, scrolling through Instagram/Pinterest, looking through old photographs, and ‘Eureka!’. You’ve found a solution to your woes. But these are just the good days.

Design is a long and immersive process. It involves a lot of painstaking research, brainstorming, and multiple drafts. And there are days when no amounts of coffee, walks, or power naps trigger those desperate doses of creativity. You’ve found yourself a designer’s block.

It almost becomes necessary to consciously look for outside inspiration now.

So, instead of just waiting and hoping for inspiration to come your way, here are 10 blogs that you can browse through to stimulate your thinking hat.


We cannot start this list without mentioning one of the forefathers of modern design blogs. Abduzeedo (which means abducted in Portuguese) has been providing news and insights for more than a decade, creating a unique community along the way. However, this does not mean it should be considered a fossil. They have managed to keep up with the times, and have had a continued impact on the design world till today.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq provides articles, tutorials, software reviews, and tons more engaging content for novice and professional designers. Don’t forget to visit their ‘Inspiration’ section for a glimpse of awesome projects highlighting innovation amongst designers.

Canva’s Design School

Canva is a design app that simplifies the entire process of design so untrained individuals can create designs for their projects. Their blog, ‘Design School’, contains lessons and tutorials to enhance one’s knowledge about design, and can even give you a head start if you’re interested in Creative Design.

AIGA: Eye on Design

“As the profession’s oldest and largest professional membership organization for design — with 70 chapters and more than 25,000 members — we advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force”, reads the description on AIGA. Their blog features emerging talent and their inventive projects, creates awareness about interesting events, all while also providing downloadable goodies.

Creative Market

This is a portal for professionals to share projects for feedback and appreciation. They’ve managed to create a unique community displaying a lot of creativity, regularly highlighted by the website. This is a great spot to gain feedback for your work as a designer.


AdWeek celebrates the design aspect of advertising and branding. With updated, in-depth information about new campaigns, interviews, etc. this a great source of inspiration for corporate design.

Illustration Age

A blog that doesn’t only carry innovative design, but also offers educational opportunities in the form of online classes. It presents unique designs and illustrations along with detailed information about the projects.


Readdd features a collection of articles, curated by Australian designer, Julian Hutton. You’ll find updated articles providing immense value to designers, and weekly ‘Readdding’ lists publishing highlights from the week.

The Dsgn Blog

A blog that puts emphasis on students and new talent, it was created for the express purpose of inspiration. Founded, designed and curated by Ena Baćanović, a designer based in Zagreb, Croatia, this blog features work from designers and studios all over the world.

Logo Design Love

This website dedicated to one of the most integral parts of design — logos. A great logo says a lot with very little. Thus, it proves crucial in branding, advertising, and design. Displaying talents in this sector along with their work, this is another blog to binge on if you’re into corporate design.

While these websites and blogs will bring you at least a few drops of inspiration, there are some circumstances that seem to be fabricated solely to create artistic blocks. Yes, we know all about them. And we think we’ve found solutions to a few of them.

Follow the steps below to keep the creativity alive even during the most dreadful times.

On a Rainy Day:

Step 1: Pour hot chocolate down your throat

Step 2: Put in your headphones, let that old song come on

Step 3: Reminisce about the times ‘back in the day’

Step 4: Let the black and white filter work its magic

During a Hangover:

Step 1: Wake up with a nightmare about not meeting the deadline

Step 2: Make yourself the greasiest breakfast possible

Step 3: Fight the urge to cuddle back into bed

Step 4: Pour yourself an extra drink and let the juices do their thing

When the Electricity is out:

Step 1: Pray that the monsters don’t get you

Step 2: Light a candle, try to not get afraid of your shadow

Step 3: Jump out of fear, anyway

Step 4: Stub your little toe, get inspired by the pain

When Hunger strikes:

Step 1: Check your refrigerator

Step 2: Realise it’s empty

Step 3: Repeat 1 and 2

Step 4: Channel the hangry into your work

On a Super Hot Day:

Step 1: Change out of your sweaty clothes

Step 2: Poke your head into the fridge

Step 3: Keep fanning yourself with your sketchbook/journal

Step 4: Give up. Get ice cream.

We’ve even created a wall poster for you to stare at while the artist’s block befriends you. Hit us up below with your name and email and we’ll send it to you!

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