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Maxos Labs
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Maxos delivers savings and credit using dollar stablecoins.

The world economy has demonstrated a huge demand for dollars. They are used for transactions, and as a store of value. A “eurodollar” market satisfies this demand for participants without US bank accounts. Estimates of eurodollar assets range from $5T to $10T.

We see stablecoins as a more advanced platform for Eurodollar transactions. They bring advantages in settlement speed and convenience, automation, and transparency. Stablecoins serve a software-based world of protocols, fintech products, and self-custody wallets. Maxos will focus on these software-based users.

We have been working on DeFi that will:

  • Contribute to real world supply and innovation
  • Use transparency to reduce overall risks
  • Engage experts in providing services and protective capital
  • Earn sustainable revenue, without relying on token value subsidies

We started by committing to make a contribution to the real economy. We studied the architecture of Decentralized Banking.

The structure of banking is changing

Our implementation supports a flow of funds between on-chain and off-chain financial systems, with efficiency and security.

Maxos is deploying innovative tools to place money with fully collateralized loans. Our documentation introduces the machinery of Stabilizers, collateralized margin lending, loan agreements, collateral agents, and custodians. This unlocks a partnership with wholesale borrowers and investors, who provide expertise and capital.

Maxos savings and credit tools

In the next article, we will provide more information about the Sweep protocol. Stablecoin holders can swap into SWEEP to get improved interest pass-through, proof of reserves, and asset protection.



Maxos Labs

DeFi for the real economy | Decentralized banking

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