Top 10 Lessons Learned By Reading Self- Improvement Books

I don't go out of my way to read much…but I read everyday

I’m average I suppose, but I have a good collection of self-improvement books that I read …and some of them have actually changed my personality as result of it..

During the Summer, one of my favorite parts of this year was reading a book in my front porch while smoking a good quality cigar.

So, here’s some lessons I learned and I would like to share them with you as we move along into 2018

#1 Your Life is a Blank Canvas!

No matter where you come from and what education you have..I can assure you and I have the same opportunities as everyone else..of course, because of social differences, some of us have to work harder to achieve what others take it for granted.

But you can paint your life to be whatever you want…

The colors you choose are your thoughts…the ones you think the most about. If you want despair, dark future, fear, unhappiness and overall uncertainty. Just watch the news 24–7 and that’s where you find the colors for your canvas

If you want bright colors, success, happiness and overall stability…yes, you can paint that picture by associating your thoughts to each of these subjects as well. Choose love, choose family, create a positive environment and of course…read!

Read about ….what you wnat to be.

You have the power to feel good any any given moment…just pull out your bright colors and start painting!

#2 Belief

Believe on something…that something is really the most reliable thing you'll ever have on your life that you can lean on..

You need to own this to get the most benefits…and not do it half way.

If you don’t believe in God, then pick the sun or the moon….but believe on something deep in your heart to accompany you through your journey.

You don't have to do it alone….that’s a hard thing to do

#3 Be 100% Responsible

If your life is a blank are the only artist painting it.

You are responsible 100% and never look for excuses.

If you already painted something black…by mistake

just paint over it and carry on.

Make a habit to NOT HAVE EXCUSES from this point on. Be aware of this and stop yourself when you sense this coming .

Zero excuses equals a life worth living

#4 Give Yourself Permission

We all have moments that are like daggers entering our hearts. When you lose a family member, a job, an opportunity or anything that puts a stop to your life and you are ready to cry.

Give yourself permission to grieve, cry, punch a punch bag or scream as loud as you can…

just for a certain period of time …then, come back to your regular self…

your loved ones need you.

#5 Commit To The Road Less Travelled

Don't look for the easy way out. Avoid this at all costs.

For most people, this is a given. They have a problem and immediately take the easiest path to solve their problem,

How’s that working for you so far? 
Do something different next time, take a different approach and look for ways to completely change the reasons why that problem surfaced to begin with.

The answer is within you, I can assure you. . .
We tend to do the same mistakes in life over and over again :


#6 Be Patience

A happy life takes place over a long period of time. This is why older people seem more content than younger ones..

You need to achieve the momentum which is needed for positive change in your life . Success & Happiness takes time to build.

Don't give up on your dreams,

stick into taking that one step you need to take everyday…

to get you closer to your own goals…

#7, #8, #9 and #10


Time is precious…and it is a commodity needed to fulfill your own dreams

Don't stand with the crowds. . .trying to convince the “inconvincible” ones

or scroll down your friends on Facebook wasting time..

Be the one on the stage …not the audience

Make your point, and take over of the controls….

you got it from here now?

don’t you?


Now, take over the controls….

Happy New Year From