How to choose loading arm for different loading medium

Keywords:bottom loading arm specification,breakaway couplings,bulk fuel loading systems
 Summary:How to choose the type and material of the oil tanker loading armcan be selected according to the characteristics of oil or other chemical medium.
 Body:Oil loading and unloading loading arm selection principles:
 Select the model by sketch (see selection example for selection method).
 Fill the design conditions according to the design condition table of the loading arm pipe.
 Select the appropriate attachment.
 Select the appropriate pipe type, length C (specify whether the liquid loading
 Medium temperature, density, pressure
 Operating temperature, density, pressure
 Design temperature, density, pressure
 Petroleum, kerosene, diesel and other liquid chemical media can choose AL1403 top loading and unloading arm unloading, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether and other highly volatile chemical media should choose AL2543 bottom unloading loading arm or AL1512 top unloading loading arm pipe, which needs according to the scene and the tanker interface to the form of election, oil truck unloading loading arm also car unloading loading arm and train unloading loading arm.
 Author:Gangway Marine

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