Main Features of Truck Loading Unloading Arm

Keywords: automatic truck loading system,break away couplings,chemical loading systems,fluid handling equipment
 Summary: Loading arm is mainly used for road tanker, train tankers and loading station bridge between the transmission of liquid and gas media, special equipment, What’s the main features of loading arm ? What are the main operations of Loading and unloading arm ?
 Rotary joint is the core of the fluid handling arm, novel structure, large bearing capacity, flexible rotation, convenient, the seal is reinforced with PTFE-lined stainless steel spring card, with good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance Advantages, to extend the service life
 Balanced way with the spring balance can be achieved within the scope of any balance of work, easy to operate.
 The overall structure is reasonable, good looks, practical and strong anti-static devices
 According to the specific circumstances of the scene, optional manual, semi-automatic and automatic loading and unloading operations
 Depending on the medium, select the liquid loading, sealing and loading and unloading level alarm, both to achieve safe operation but also to prevent pollution
 For special media to design a special structure of loading and unloading arm, such as lined PTFE loading and unloading arm mainly for corrosive strong special medium, with hot loading armmainly for some of the original, asphalt and other large viscosity medium.
 Author:Gangway Marine

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