Maintenance check list of Crude Oil Loading Arm

Keywords: bottom loading,break away system,fluid management
 Summary:What matters need to pay attention to during the use and maintenance of loading arm ? First of all, the use of loading arm in the use of what we need to pay attention to the following brief for everyone.
 Body:loading arm in use which needs to be done in following areas:
 Traction loading arm, to maintain a uniform intensity, to prevent accidental collision.
 loading arm operation is completed, remember to push it to the side of the oil platform, and the lifting tube arm position of 60 °, so that the balance in a relaxed state.
 The unit should be designed to use a comprehensive maintenance program, you must always check the loading arm is in the normal work in order to do a good job in time repair work.
 Regular quantitative in the need to smear the Department of lubricating oil applied on the site to reduce the wear and tear of the machine consumption.
 When the loading armis used for too long and leakage of media occurs, immediately ask the professional to open the leak rotary device and clean and replace the sealing object.
 In addition, the platform used for unloading arm should meet the following three requirements:
 Space and height should be easy to operate and personnel from top to bottom tanker;
 The height should meet the unloading operation requirements;
 loadingpipe recovery should be fully received within the platform plane, and the platform can not exceed the railway line.
 Author:Gangway Marine

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