The 4th Industrial Revolution, the Algorithm Economy, the rise of Superintelligence. The devil is known by many names, but what remains unknown, though, is how this profound shift in business and society will affect workers around the world.

The optimists say that investments in new technologies will eliminate a lot…

In recent years, business leaders have been increasingly focused on the customer experience. Most companies have realized that when a customer decides to make a purchase, he or she expects ‘the whole experience’ to be positive and somehow personalized.

Companies quickly adapt to the new customer expectations and customer experience…

My first year as an entrepreneur


The sensation of freedom when I quit my job
A leap into daylight, leaving the mob
I had clients; I had money coming in —
There was no way I could lose; I was smart and thin


I spent all my savings; I spent…

Last winter I had this crazy idea to start a think tank HR Innovation Lab that would address some of the biggest problems a lot of people experience when they’re in a job, regardless of their position, rank and industry.

Who hasn’t met — or heard about — unkind cultures…

Maya Drøschler

HR pro, planning to leave HR. Want to work at Google (not clever enough), be married to Derrida (he’s dead) and drive an Alfa Romeo C4 (can’t afford it).

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