13 tips to live cheaply in a big city

  1. Rent. Never make a loan to buy your own house. You will never know when you will end up with no income.
  2. Rent in a cheap neighborhood. The commute might be difficult, but if you make a calculus : rent plus public transportation — much cheaper then rent in the city center, it is worth it.
  3. Rent when it is not expensive. Usually when students come to study in the big city, the rent goes up very much (months of September / October). Good rent is found during summer or winter, after the holidays.
  4. Cook. Try to eat out as rarely as possible. A meal in a restaurant is much more expensive than cooking at home.
  5. Have coffee in your home. Prepare coffee home and take it in a thermos or drink it at home. Starbucks is expensive.
  6. Buy in bulk. Some products such as rice, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, bottled water, cereals, can be bought in bulk.
  7. Hunt promotions. Search online or in stores the promotions. Join the community to receive newsletters with promotions.
  8. Shop with a list. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. Do not buy more than you need. Most products will be available next time you visit the shop too.
  9. Buy more products that expire soon. Some supermarkets make a discount for the products that will expire soon. If you need those products, it is better to buy them if they are discounted.
  10. Make fidelity cards. I have fidelity cards for most of the services I use. For example: supermarkets, cinemas, shops, pharmacies. Have these cards with you all the time, for example use Virtual Cards, an application designed for Android to keep all your fidelity cards.
  11. Make a budget for items that you usually spend more money on. For example let’s say you are a woman and you love bags. Make a budget of 100 dollars maximum for a bag and stick to it.
  12. Reduce the time it takes to use home appliances. Small actions like not leaving the fridge door for too long, not putting into your dishwasher or washing machine with not enough items, not leaving electronic devices in sleep mode and plugged if not in us, can help you reduce your electric bill.
  13. Use public transportation. Gas is expensive and traffic is horrible. Most of the time walking or using public transportation can help you save some money.