Why do all women play safe?

Meet Michelle. Michelle is a successful, independent, strong woman. She wakes up at 6 AM, jogs or does some yoga in the house, has a healthy breakfast, gets on the subway and sits in her office at 9 AM. Then, she gets from work at 6 PM, gets some groceries, cooksomething for dinner and lunch the next day, watches some TV or goes shopping and gets to sleep.

She is the portrait of a normal woman, with few friends, a job, busy, busy, busy. She is ok with her life and she doesn’t really need a man. But she wants to. And she needs help. Going into bars and hoping to find the soul mate is lame, and to her mind this is not the place where the “good guys” are.

Who is this good guy? Why playing safe is something that every woman choose?

A good guy is the guy that never lets you down. A good guy is the one that thinks in the same direction as you. It’s the price all the fairy tales were speaking about. All good guys have been taken since birth or they are like, hidden.

Michelle knows that. What she doesn’t really understand is why women and men decide to settle down in their early 20 or even early 30 because the clock is ticking and why this person decides to give up them opportunities to meet other people or they sentence themselves to a life with the same person till death since a very early age. She doesn’t judge, she just doesn’t understand. 
But Michelle, at her 30s, she doesn’t need a man. She just wants a person to hold her and be there for her. Not that she cannot do it by herself, she just wants to share all her beautiful events and time with someone. A good guy.

She plays safe. And sometimes she wonders why? Why not a passenger in her life cannot be the man of her dreams? A passenger is never a husband or even good boyfriend material. Guys, it is the same as girls: for long term, do you want a hot woman who doesn’t know how to speak and with whom you have nothing in common or a nice girl, strong, who can be there for you and who can understand you? Just saying. Women play safe and they stay single or just meet passengers because there are waiting for that good guy. And it is not the price. It is a normal guy, caring, nice, responsible. Looks, money, physical appearance are not really important for long term relationships.

Michelle knows that. And she waits for that good man.

The conculsion is that us, men and women, shouldn’t settle for anyone just because we need or want something. Long term relationships should be healthy, it should last, it should bring happiness and joy.

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