Stick to your DNA

We all know this, but Gary Vaynerchuk said it.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an interesting man and what makes him special is not a genius or exceptional talent, but the strength to be himself and to speak loud. And if you go back in history, you will see that people like him are our national and international heroes:

People, that had the courage to speak loud, to accept failure and still keep fighting for what they believe it’s right.

And I admire these people. I admire Gary Vaynerchuk for spreading out something true and honest. Today after watching one of his videos, I wanted to bring your attention to something he said:

Stick to your DNA!

I remember when I was a teenage, I was dancing, like really dancing-competing on tournaments and taking part of concerts etc. And I was looking at my parents: two adults, whose look was not athletic at all, and I felt ashamed. I was thinking all the time: Am I going to be like them?

Believe me, it is really hard for me to admit this today, because I really admire these people so much now, but it’s true: I was ashamed and scared, that my DNA (of being fat and short) will bring me to my failure.

But let me stop this story for a moment and let me remind you of a theory that we build our own destiny. I believe in this and as I believe also in Science I will give you a proof with a very famous experiment.

You know that we are all built from very small particles called quantums. I won’t go into details with the experiment(you can watch the explanation below), but generally speaking people tried to test the behavior of quantum and noticed something really amazing: Only when humans are watching at the quantum, it has a specific location and particular behavior. But when there is no human interaction it is basically everywhere, doing everything at one and the same time.

What does this mean for us:

Everything is possible at every single moment, we are the ones, who decide what we want to accept and how we want to react.

And now you will ask me: What does this have to do with our DNA and sticking to it?

It has a LOT to do with your DNA. Our DNA is made by quantums. So, yes, we are all born like matter with specific characteristics of our body, size, metabolism, voice, hair… born in free, terrorist, poor, rich, beautiful and not so pretty countries, have or have not rich, healthy, poor, smart, not responsible families. But this is just the landscape of the game. We choose how to use the assets.

And when I say assets, everything is an asset: our strengths and weaknesses. We all have same amount of them, because we are a part of the nature, and nature is all about balance. No matter how deep you dream of being the next Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Holmes, Beyonce etc. you will never be this person, because you can be much better.

Just stick to your DNA and find YOUR greatness and uniqueness.

And of course stop complaining!

But let’s go back to my original story: I was ashamed and afraid I will become like my parents because I had their DNA. And I thought it was a curse to me. Becoming sef-aware, something Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned as the top 1 skill we all need to have, I realized that our DNA is nor a curse, neither a gift. It’s just what we are, the quantums, which we can use in any direction we want.

“Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right”
–Henry Ford

After years of looking for the real Me (and I am sure we all search till the end of our life), I found out how great and in the same time how terrible I can be. Each time when I feel my greatness is because I’ve chosen my instincts and my passions. And the opposite-each time I try to be like someone else, I meet my failure and disappointment. Because I don’t have his/her assets, but I have others, the ones my parents gave me and the ones I developed myself and I am proud of being Me.

P.S. Special thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk, whose videos have been really inspiring. And if I also managed to inspire at least one of you, I will be really happy. Of course I would appreciate you recommending this article so that other people can benefit too.

Enjoy life and smile!

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