I have been wanting to blog consistently for a long time. I am sure most of you have come across the numerous articles about how blogging is the key to unlocking your success. The same applies to journalling, as lets be honest…a blog is often just a public journal.

For me, there are two main reasons I am keen to blog. They also form my two biggest barriers. The first is that blogging forces me to thoughtfully attempt to articulate my thoughts and ideas, often quite a challenge when my thought patterns resemble a plate of spaghetti bolognese. It often feels like the process of writing a blog is just as impossible as reverse engineering the spaghetti back into its perfectly straight, uncooked state. …

Last week a friend of mine handed me an article from the London Review of Books. “Kept alive for Thirty Days”, by Stefan Collini. It was quite the polemic on the flaws of metrics, and how they are driving the world astray. …

This past week, I submerged myself in the world of experiential learning, visiting Our Dream School and attending the 4 day training with Kaospilots. While observing students learning through projects, discussions about immersive education and especially while roaming the streets of Barcelona on an urban safari, one thought repeated in my head — formal education can imprison learning.

School taught me to be taught, setting up a clear dichotomy — school was a place to learn and the world was a place to act. I went through school, onto university and left expecting to be set with the knowledge for life. When I fell down, as I inevitably did when I faced a challenge at work, I realised I had not learnt all I needed to. …


Maya B

An avid education disruptor, seeking to use experiential learning to prepare youth to create the world they need to live in.