The New Capitalism

Today, the partners at Maybe Capital, the greatest and most powerful Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley history, are launching a product that will change the way we use money, forever.

Since childhood we’ve been told that the world is endless, we’ve been told that their may be billions of worlds beyond what we can see in the sky. While this may be true, it’s not important and definitely won’t help pay for next month’s trip to Cabo. Today I want to talk to you about money. Cash Money. Money is an emerging trend; we all want it. And actually, here in Silicon Valley it exists in huge landfill sized piles, but how do we get more of it for ourselves? How do we capitalize on the more-ification of cash money?

Well, If you haven’t heard, Maybe Capital, the most powerful Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley, has just iterated the fastest and most disruptive way for you, someone that already has several cash money, to multiply it exponentially. And, today, I’d like to invite you to become a C Suite honorary board member of Maybe Capital.

As a thought leader, entrepreneurs ask me all the time, what’s the origin of a board meeting and how do I know if i’m in one?

I will let you in on a secret. The ancient origins of board meetings are actually board games. Today is your lucky day because Maybe Capital has synthesized the board meeting down to an easy, portable board game. Why deal with time and rooms and people — occasionally people that aren’t even men — when you can just gather whoever is around and make the important, life changing decisions that will maximize shareholder value. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time, and with Maybe Capital’s easy and portable board room, you can hold investment meetings any place, anytime.

This isn’t some obscure new cloud offering, this is Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS).

You can lie and pretend to yourself and all of your friends, but we all know, inside, that the ultimate goal of living in Silicon Valley is to become the most famous VC that exists. And even me, the best VC and CEO and Pricipal Founder of Maybe Capital, I can tell you it takes a lot of practice to truly make an impact. But I’ve found a way for anyone, at anytime, to become the greatest VC in Silicon Valley history. Investing isn’t about finding the next great engineer or visionary designer, and it’s not about experience and insights used to predict market trends. Don’t let them tell you that.

It’s not even about software or whatever’s eating the world this year.

It’s about sitting a room and picking up cards. Literally.

I want you to know I didn’t make this product for my own benefit. I don’t do it for the free tote bags. I do it for the many entrepreneurs that go to bed sobbing at night because their startup hasn’t reached unicorn status - And for the CEO who completely misses the point when people are trying to provide random useless advice, I’m here to help. With the Maybe Capital Board Game, you’ll soon realize that the inflection point is YOU. And you know comes after that. BOOM.

The Maybe Capital board game is more than just a means to hack your way into becoming the very best investor on the planet, it’s a way of life, an innovationist way of life, and Innovation is the only thing besides cheap, extravagant lies, that distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Today I’m letting you to become a partner at Maybe Capital, and for just $79.99 you yourself can own the greatest product that has ever come out of Silicon Valley, the Maybe Capital Board Game.

I look forward to seeing you at the next board meeting.


-Rick Powers

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