[Today’s Mission] Post about extraordinary experiences or stories from the fall sports day including the images that come to mind.

Nov 1 · 2 min read

Under the blue autumn sky, the national flag is hung high. It’s an exciting day to run, tug-of-war, battle, and do some other activities you were getting ready for.
It is the fall sports day.

Back in the day, autumn sports were a local feast.
Grandmother, grandfather, and parents all used to come to sit on the mat and watch children run and share food and talk with neighbors.

Sports day has changed a lot lately.
A huge variety of experiences rather than confrontation are provided by professional event making companies.

However, an elementary school student wrote a message:
“ Please don’t complain because it’s noisy. Please!
Let the children make happy memories of the autumn sports day.”

It is good to feel the day when the shouts of the children fly to the cool autumn sky…

Write a post about funny stories or stories of your childhood experiences at the fall sports day including images that come to mind. You may write about the time when you were a kid, or what you’ve been doing or where you’ve been participating as a parent.

The story can be anything like:
- a running experience with a dark blue band on your head while in elementary school,
- the experience of receiving plastic ripples as a gift,
- disappointing experience to see your dad go out running,
- the experience of a friend’s dramatic reversal in the flower relay, etc.

Post up the funny stories and stories of your childhood experiences at the fall sports event, the images that come to mind when you’re a kid, and what you’ve been doing or participating in a children’s athletic meet as a parent.

Please post it on Today’s Mission section and attach a photo or an image from www.pixabay.com that matches with the post.

The period is from today until November 2, 11:59 p.m (KST).

Two posts per person are available!

400 BUGS per post will be given!
Enjoy your posting on http://www.maybugs.com


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