Rage against the agency

Websites are no longer luxuries; they’re imperative. It’s a bit weird, and incredibly detrimental to your business if you don’t have one. We all know this. It’s how customers find you, learn what you do, who you are, and what they use to size you up against your competitors. It’s how you, in turn, communicate with them.

If you don’t have one; how will they find you? If you have one, but it’s bad, this will put potential customers off.

It’s important you trust the professionals, who can build you something that fits your needs exactly (and maybe address some you hadn’t thought of).

What can an agency offer you?


It’s our job.

You can have a go at doing it yourself, sure. There are a lot of web domains out there for £1 with templates you can pump content into yourself, but are they doing your business justice? Narp. An agency will get your website developed to your exact specification.


Creating a website may not be the most quick activity, and it doesn’t stop once the site’s built. You have to consider if you have the capacity to do it yourselves. And if you do, are you going to do it to a high standard? It’s unlikely, not because you can’t, but simply because it’s not your job. We have the time and resources to dedicate 100% effort to your project, on an ongoing basis.


Didn’t I just say you could do your own for a quid? I did. But consider what it’ll cost you in the long run if you start with something subpar. Lost traffic, lost leads, lost sales, lost time… Sad times.

Or, you have a bigger budget, but can you justify paying for the bells and whistles of server management and fancy infrastructure with the highest possible level of security? If you can, I ask again if you have the time, or the expertise?


Again, it’s our job.

No one’s saying you can’t create an award-winning site yourself if web design isn’t your day job… Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying. A template or theme is nothing in comparison to a professionally-designed site with your user needs in mind. Creativity and design is more than pretty graphics; it’s tiny intricacies of user experience that make a digital experience a great one.


How your user perceives and interacts with your brand is everything. You want to reach out and give those potential customers a warm squeeze. If your website doesn’t give them exactly the information they came for, they’ll run, screaming, and you’ll never get them back. An agency will shape your site to your most minute of requirements and have the knowledge to consult on what may, or may not work. Templates don’t care about your requirements, they care about your recurring subscription.


It’s not our first rodeo; IT’S OUR JOB.

We love a challenge because it means we get to devise a solution, and we love it when our clients are happy with our work. You can trust that we know our stuff, and we’ve got plenty of customers who will sing our praises as proof.


We work with the latest and best technology. It’s a rapidly-evolving space, especially in the open source world with such dazzling collective talent working on it all the time. As an agency we ensure we’re using the latest advancement to benefit you. Something else you don’t have to spend time and money familiarising yourself with, for it just to change again.

Code Enigma is a family of creative souls and the technically-brilliant, and we exist to create solutions.

Happy to discuss: maygen.jacques@codeenigma.com