Ishigami and natural model

Figure 1 :Junya Ishigami : GreenHouse

Junya Ishigami is a Japanese architect born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1974. He received a master’s degree in architecture and planning from the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo in 2000. The GreenHouse (Figure 1) is a really cool design. It let us feel the natural things easily. It is an amazing job. And also this work There is a natural hierarchy, such as trees in the forest, that there are more light, or there is a way. Ishigami has no doubt used this to completely undermine our current popularity of the building and its classic type features. This is the inevitable result of his pursuit of fuzzy space.

Figure 2: Darling Harbour

There is a place in Darling Harbour (Figure 2). people always stay here and relax their free time and also can enjoy the beautiful views of Sydney. The circle of this place looks amazing and fantastic. Because of this, I replace this place to a tower.

Figure 3: Mayo Final Work,2017.

So I used the circle and made them together (Figure 3) and this model scale is 1 : 50. There are one people shows the exactly scales. I think I could make this model more natural and look like Ishigami’s natural work. So I improve it and make the replace building in Darling Harbour (Figure 2, 4). All of idea shows below (Figure 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). And we can also imagine my work (Figure 3) all of line can be the way to go upstairs.

Figure 4: Mayo Idea Part.5,2017.
Figure 5: Mayo Idea Part 4,2017.
Figure 6: Mayo Idea Part 3,2017.
Figure 7: Mayo Idea Part 2 ,2017.
Figure 8: Mayo Idea Part 1,2017.


Figure 1: Ishigami Design work ‘Green House’

Figure 2: Darling Harbour


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