5 Steps to Succeed on Facebook

We have already discussed annoying Facebook posts and mistakes that many small businesses make using Facebook.

Today I want to focus on a simple plan that will help you succeed on Facebook.

Listen & Respond –

This one sounds easy and yet so many businesses miss it. Listening is the key to success in any relationship — at least that’s what my wife tells me… ☺

Most companies are rushing to get their message out and forget that social media is all about having relevant conversations. You must check in a couple of times per day to keep the conversation going.

Tell Other Peoples’ Story –

This isn’t just good karma. Giving a shout out to other people in your network or highlighting your super fans accomplishes two things. First the person that you made look like a rock star will reciprocate. Second others in your network will see that you give back and will also want to help you. This creates a cycle of social media success for you and your network.

The 80–20 Rule –

This one doesn’t need much explanation. At most 20% of your posts are sales pitches, more than that and you will lose fans. I pinky promise. ☺

Educate & Entertain –

The other 80% of your posts should focus on educating and entertaining your fans in the hopes to build a bigger network. Think about the way you use Facebook personally. You check out your newsfeed to catch up with friends and family, maybe laugh or learn — your fans use Facebook the same way… So give them what they want.

Post Consistently –

I always try to post at least 3–4 times per week. Whatever frequency you decide works for you please commit to it.

I hate when a company clogs my feed with a bunch of posts, disappears for a week and shows up again for a few days, then goes AWOL… This strategy doesn’t fly — use software like BufferApp.com to help you schedule your posts.

I always try to over deliver so here is tip #6 -

Change Your Cover Photo Monthly –

This is an easy way to stay top of mind. Take a look at what happens on your personal page when you change your cover photo. Generally that picture / post gets a bunch of “Likes” — this works the same way for businesses.

If you stick with this plan your Facebook community is sure to grow.

Your turn — do you have any to add?

Post a link to your Facebook page in the comments and I’ll be sure to give you a “Like”

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