Mayor Richard Thomas Weekly Report — December 1, 2018

Mount Vernon is saddened by the news of the passing of President George H. W. Bush. No matter where you stood on the political spectrum, President Bush was greatly respected as a leader, a patriot, and a role model. His legacy will be one of service to his country, family, and friends.

MV Business Details Comptroller Disaster | Gives Facts on Reynolds’ Failure to Pay Bills

This is the Voice of Mount Vernon. I understand his pain. And am grateful that TOMCON decided to detail their MV COMPTROLLER TRAGEDY EXPERIENCE. This Odyssey has been replicated repeatedly by the core of Mount Vernon — our hard workers and small business vendors.

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After several months of trying to get paid from the city of Mount Vernon for past due invoices that are owed for equipment rentals to the city of Mount Vernon, I am asking you for your help to get paid.


I keep coming into road blocks and no one seems to want to pay the open invoices. I performed a service and simply would like to get paid for my services that I performed.


My company is not a big national equipment company that can deal with not getting paid in a timely fashion. I am a local Mount Vernon business that pays my taxes on time and would expect the city to pay their open invoices to me on time. I am waiting over a year now for money that is owed me. I cc’d my collection attorney on this email.


He has been in contact with the comptroller for Mount Vernon who passed him off to her Attorney Mr. Jay Hashmall. I am not sure why she passed this off to her attorney.


The monies that are owed TOMCON are valid and past due. We have done similar business with the city in the past and have gotten paid. We have all signed rental agreements, Purchase orders, and vouchers from Mount Vernon.


According to our past dealings with the City of Mount Vernon this was the proper protocol to follow. I am not a politician that is looking to get involved with the politics of Mount Vernon.


I simply would like to get paid for my services that were provided and that is it. Simple. If we cannot get paid from Mount Vernon now, I would appreciate if you could direct us in the right place to go so that we can start a proper lawsuit against the city of Mount Vernon and hopefully we can get paid that way. I don’t know what the holdup is for our payment.


About 2 months ago the city of Mount Vernon Comptroller told us the checks were on your desk for signature; now through her attorney they are saying the funds are not in the proper accounts to pay us and no checks are issued. Once again that is not my problem it is the city of Mount Vernon’s problem. I feel that lack of communication from the Comptroller’s office is affecting the Payment process.


It is very frustrating to keep on going on a merry go round. I have bills to pay and need the money that is owed. I have always done the right thing for Mount Vernon. As you can see we did not even charge for transportation to and from the job sites where the rentals were.


Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Tommy Ciminello

Tomcon Industries

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At 33, Richard Thomas is the youngest Mayor in Mount Vernon history! (2016–2019) Facebook:

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