Mayor Richard Thomas Weekly Report — June 30, 2018

Dear Mount Vernon Friends and Family -

Imagine a pitcher throwing a ball and no one behind home plate to catch it. Imagine nobody on first base to make the out. No one in the outfield to make the winning play. That is the situation that the City Council created when my Administration went to resolve the matters on the sewers and Memorial Field.

The City Council’s decision to flout environmental regulators by denying repeated and very well documented requests for funding in our three previous budget requests is unacceptable. The facts are undeniable. They may try to pass blame but I fully embrace the buck stopping on my desk. I will do everything in my power to defend the taxpayers of our community.

The three court orders against their obstruction and interference with city operations illustrates their determination to stop us from serving you. Now, the Council is attempting to rewrite history by claiming that they gave us equipment and manpower to do the job. WRONG! This is fundamentally, categorically, unequivocally false! Our expert, Rotfeld Engineering, warned them that one inexperienced crew and two trucks was simply not enough. We even went further by doing the math and told them that the one crew would only be able to do approximately 10,000 linear feet — which is what happened.

Watch the June 2017 video of expert engineer Dolph Rotfeld here!

The math is clear:

One experienced crew can do 2,000 linear feet a day.

Mount Vernon has 600,000 linear feet to televise and scope out the problems to fix.

Divide 600,000 by 2,000 and that equals 300 working days for the experienced crew.


The threat to property taxes is astronomical. As a result of the Council’s obstruction, the Department of Justice is seeking penalties and fines that can bankrupt the city. The DOJ is specifically violating the City for inaction between 2013 and 2015 under the Ernie Davis administration. One calculation adds up to $153 million. Another eclipses half a billion. Read it for yourself. Sign up and urge the City Council to do their job and work with us to solve this fiscal and environmental crisis.

Mount Vernon At Risk

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