Mayor Thomas Addresses MTA Board, Gets Board to Commit to Conducting a Report on Expediting Bridge Repairs in Mount Vernon

Mayor Richard Thomas and members of the Administration addressed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) board at its October monthly meeting detailing the negative effects caused by the closure of several MTA-owned bridges located throughout the city. Mayor Thomas and staff urged the MTA to expedite repairs.

Fortunately, the MTA heard their concerns. Board member Andrew M. Saul (representing Westchester County) noted that the current situation sounded “terrible” and presents a “legitimate problem.” He requested MTA management prepare a full report at the next Metro North Committee meeting be presented including the status of the repairs, and analysis of whether repairs can be expedited.

“I am pleased the MTA board heard our concerns today and is acting to evaluate whether the capital repairs can be expedited,” said Mayor Thomas. “I look forward to reviewing the report the board requested and working with the MTA to determine how these essential repairs can be accelerated.”

The Mayor, along with the City’s Police Commissioner Shawn Harris, Deputy Fire Commissioner Deborah Norman, and Executive Director of the Industrial Development Agency Eileen Mildenberger, raised concerns about the harmful impacts the bridges closures are causing for residents and merchants.

Currently four out of the existing eight MTA bridges are closed to vehicular traffic because they are deemed unsafe. Some of the bridges are 100 years old and have been closed for years, due to need for capital repair and rehabilitation.

In June, Mayor Thomas announced that the MTA began capital repairs on the 14th Avenue bridge, and a schedule to repair all bridges.

You Tube video of public comment is below.

Mayor Thomas’ comments 14:07 minutes here.

Andrew Saul’s comments begin around 1:48 minutes here.