Mayor Thomas Meets with EPA Head Andrew Wheeler in Washington D.C.

Mayor Thomas recently traveled to Washington, D.C. for a meeting with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and staff regarding Mount Vernon’s environmental initiatives.

After the meeting, Mayor Thomas said, “It was enlightening and inspiring to have the opportunity to have a direct discussion with EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler. Mount Vernon wants to work with the EPA.

We must keep an open mind to achieve a balance between climate and cost concerns. The EPA’s rule proposal will facilitate a discussion on how new technologies can deliver a stronger and more affordable effective power system. The goal of this healthy debate is to create new approaches to solving complex problems of our time.

We owe it to the cash-strapped families and marginalized workers to find ways to fuel a powerful, sustainable future. American ingenuity will not fail us. If the Left wants cleaner air, let’s invent the cost effective and reliable solutions without picking winners and losers. If the Right does not prioritize clean air, then let’s add stronger market incentives during this debate. Let’s have healthy communication that give results for the people.

This is a historic opportunity for all forms of energy, including nuclear, to accomplish the vision of an energy independent America and a more secure future.”