Not Just Another Deceased Cat Story
Robert Schwartz

I thought I was weird. I thought it was weird having that special bond with your cat. I love my spotted tabby, Atreyu. I got him 4 years ago; a spiteful in response to a dispute with my landlord.

When my landlord hiked up my rent, it sent me on a 3 month search for a new apartment. Later, the increase was withdrawn — due to lack of interest in the price (like I originally thought) — and I adopted a kitten for the 3-month inconvenience. Pets were not allowed.

Despite the spiteful circumstances, I had been wanting a cat for a while. My first pet (if you don’t count the fish I won when I was 6. It died the same day I got it).

Now that I have a furry friend, I consume so much information about cats — the funny memes, the bad rap cats get, the companionship, and the benefits of a cat-friend for depression.

I don’t even remember what it’s like not having Atreyu. It feels like he’s always been a part of my life and I never thought I would have that kind of bond with an animal.

After reading this (awkwardly tearing up at work), I’m looking at pictures of my buddy Atreyu trying not to imagine a day without him.

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