What It Feels Like to Have a Great ‘TEAM’

Recently I had an opportunity to put together a great team delivering a coaching process to our young generations, our future. The purpose of this team is to coach a group of high-school students who are interested in business world, in a risk-free environment.

Starting from scratch, we have built up an intensive business course, and workshops to equip them with the necessary tools and skills. So that they can play, learn, and grow.

Apart from all the good experiences of the coaching itself, what I appreciate most is the effectiveness of the team that we worked hard putting together. After months of preparation, what actually happens on the four intensive days as a team impresses me so much that I need to reflect them here in this article.

“What does it feel like to have a great team?”

I asked myself after experiencing it first-hand and came up with below takeaways; to document the moment, to share why it is so great to have a great team with you, and why it is so worth it.

It feels safe.

Great team offers a safe place to stay. People can be effective if and only if they focus, and to be focused people need to feel safe, undistracted. Having a TRUST-able team with you allows your team to focus on the task at hand without any distractions. If the team is trustworthy, everyone can be sure that others will share everything with them honestly and transparently; no side-conversation. The key to unlock this is the culture of transparency in your team.

That feeling of trust and transparency, will set you and your team free from any setbacks. You play more, try more, and explore more because you believe it is safe to do so. It allows your team to be fully effective with safe and comfort to work in the team.

It feels confident.

Team confident is one of the key to success. Having a great team with you makes you confident in everything that you and your team have to deliver day-by-day. We all know that no matter how well the plan is, there are always unforeseen roadblocks ahead. Knowing that you are supported by great team allows you to confidently face those unknown setbacks whenever they pop up.

When hard time comes, you can look back and see your team start solving the problem without any need to say so. It creates a “you-are-not-alone” feeling that brings hope and positive energy back to the whole team. You feel confident to face any challenges.

It carries you when you trip.

A great team supports each others. Making mistakes is common. Having a great team behind you, they will carry you when you trip, and one can immediately support the other. You can be sure that there’s no ‘finger-pointing’ moment and no ‘blame-game’. So that as a team, we learn from other’s mistakes and we move on.

It allows you to take calculated risk.

With trust and confident in your team capability, you dare to open the door for new challenges and impossibilities. Any risks or challenges that come forwards are welcomed and perceived as opportunities because you know that your team is capable. It opens the whole new aspect of how the team turns impossibilities into reality and harness every opportunities that come across.

It motivates you.

Last but not least, having a great team motivates you! I felt this myself and cannot express more on how good and fulfilling it feels. Working with a great team can turn your day from black-and-white to colour. It gives you purpose of why you are doing what you do and motivates you to walk further and bring the team forwards to a higher purpose.

At the end of the day, what I want to share is that it is worth it to build a great team! It is not easy. We faced many challenges and rough times. There are moments when we doubted each others but we put efforts to clear things up and bring transparency and trust back to the team. We coached each others and included everyone in.

What I’m trying to say is; no matter what team you are in, do invest your time and efforts in building your team from good to great.

It might be difficult at first, but trust me, the result worths every sweats!

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