Thirst for a Guerrilla War Simulator

I’m still waiting for a deep guerrilla warfare strategy-simulation game. The most recent one I can think of is ‘Heroes of the Revolution’ on the iOS, a strategy game based on the Cuban Revolution.

I still hunger for a game where you are managing a guerrilla force, severely outmanned and outgunned, to the point where going into a head-to-head battle in the early stages is always a suicide mission. You’ll have to manage public opinion, think about international players, and decide how to acquire better weapons and personnel through unconventional means. Improvised weapons should be included as well.

So many videogames have the player put into a ‘rebel’ faction and yet you are still fighting conventional warfare with big battles. Let me direct ambushes, raids, deal with shady-as-heck organizations. The only time my forces would be fighting out in the open is if they greatly outnumber the enemy.

No final boss, just one long war of wits that tests the player’s resourcefulness. It should reward creative thinking and grant options to mess with the enemy like releasing fake radio messages or placing decoy weapons caches, or buying fake uniforms.

In the endgame, the roles are reversed, and the player must learn to fight against a smaller but still determined force. Do that part badly, and the remnants can surge again. There is a constant struggle to win international opinion, but if the war goes on for too long, global apathy takes hold and getting intervention becomes harder.

There would be different ‘victory conditions’. Aside from a total victory, the game can end with a negotiated peace treaty. The player character can choose to just leave forever, with a fat bank account. If the player succeeds in getting a foreign nation to join the fight, the game can end with the nation making compromises. Surrender will always remain an option.

Ideally, it would take place in a setting that fits ‘present day’. It doesn’t have to involve real countries, but it would include today’s level of tech.

Are you working on a game like that? Let me know. I’ll grant you support, because I want to see how you handle it.

(This was originally posted on as an answer to the question ‘What is Your Dream Video Game?’ and then edited for Medium)

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