This adage aptly outlines the intent of creating the RethinkingUX Publication. We all know, knowledge is increased by sharing and not by saving & Rethinking UX Publication is a step in the same direction.

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RethinkingUX Publication

Share knowledge to gain knowledge.

RethinkingUX Publication provides you a platform to share your professional expertise, talk about your unique skill sets, exchange your experience, learnings & knowledge. The platform also gives you an opportunity to interact with the community, improve your personal brand, learn from the community and grow together.

So, let’s start a conversation that matters! Let’s step up and offer our help to the community.

Rethinkers & Writers, welcome on board… :-)

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Mayur Chaudhary

Rethinking User Experience /UX Communication/VR & AR / Design Thinker / Building Experience Design Teams / UX Advisor 🔥 #UX #Research #Photography

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