First Class Approach — Designing B2B Premium Membership

Mayur Chaudhary
Jul 11, 2018 · 2 min read

If you want others to accept your approach and take seriously, you need a robust plan, and that’s where first class helps. Yes, the first class approach is essential and works equally well for both personal and professional life.

Your approach, lateral thinking and analytical design solutions help bring the best to life and achieve both business and end consumer goals.

Intuitive thinking & Analytical approach: For one of the product at Magicbricks we took an approach where the emphasis was on every aspect of product design. We had the challenge to create a premium membership program for our B2B customers, and we took a holistic approach. The challenge at hand was to glorify the membership for the maximum benefit of our B2B customer but also emphasises the value it had for B2C consumers too.

Another model that worked was a progressive design critic system. Seek and give feedback to fellow designers or having peer reviews. Constantly seeking and giving feedback in the design process keeps design quality high.

The Approach:

1. Experience Design Pillars: We touched upon all aspects of experience design, i.e. Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention & Success Metrics. The idea was to benefit both our customers and business, hence NPS, time spent on the platform, retention and other parameters were benchmarked upfront.

2. Benchmarking Time: How much time we have at hand to communicate the value that this membership program has. Expressing something early on or late in the user journey has its own pros and cons and needs a smart implementation.

3. Design and Layout: Good looking design helps build trust & increases engagement.

4. Content is King: UX communication is a must, and content should always be a hero of the page. Without great content, your design is nothing more than wallpapers.

We’re all very excited with the recent release of this program & at the same time, this is just a sample of the great things currently brewing at Magicbricks.

I am waiting for your suggestions and feedback. Thank you for making it to the bottom of this post. If you find my ideas interesting do follow me on twitter @imayurchaudhary, check out my LinkedIn page and visit my portfolio site

Mayur Chaudhary

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Rethinking User Experience /UX Communication/VR & AR / Design Thinker / Building Experience Design Teams / UX Advisor 🔥 #UX #Research #Photography

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