What was the message the filmmaker wanted to convey through the film? — The filmmaker aims to demonstrate the history of our country as realistic as possible specifically the life of Heneral Luna during the war. He wanted us to realize the importance of freedom that our ancestors fought for. But scenarios aren’t easy especially in fighting for your countrymen due to lack of unity among Filipinos. It represents the political system in our country which composed of individual interests rather than public service that made the situation worse.

Was the film engaging? — Yes, I was amazed by how they turn the history to a film. Given the fact that the information in normal books are general. It seems they made a lot of research and interviews to come - up with this kind of movie. They didn’t mind if the characters say bad words as long as it conveys realistic happenings.

What was the “Art function” being fulfilled in the film? — It emphasizes the content of the country’s history. From the negative ones which are the following : Gaining political interest instead of freedom. Unclear definition of hierarchy of authority in the political system. Crab mentality.

Up to the positive ones which are the following : Eagerness of Heneral Luna and his troops to win the war for the freedom of our country. Disciplinary actions made by Heneral Luna to his soldiers for them to learn the true meaning of soldiers.

Describe the aesthetic experience you’ve encountered while watching the film, is there any? — It exemplifies the beauty of bad words like “Anak ng Puta” and the harsh words of Hen. Luna like “ Kapag nakababa na ako at hindi ka pa nakapagpagupit, babarilin kita!!!!!” and the most influencing quote, “Mga kapatid, mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa Amerikano, ang ating mga sarili.” It also represents the beauty of our culture like high respect to parents, love to the family and the country, and unique values and behavior of the characters.

What/who does Joven Hernandez represents? — Joven Hernandez represents youth in our generation. It aims to develop young minds to patriotism by understanding our history and make it as an inspiration to all of us. To prove to us that were lucky enough to have such freedom to do the things we want. To appreciate the sacrifices made by these heroes for us and nurture the freedom we have right now. But of course, it opens our mind to new possibilities that it might happen in future. Who knows? They say, “History repeats itself.” therefore there’s still a chance that the incident might happen again.

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