Methodology for Automating Software Testing Operations

Testing Quote — All code is guilty until tested
Testing Quote — All code is guilty until tested

Testops is an evolved version of testing practice that streamlines testing activities assuring quality of service. As the term “Testops” suggests, it is a amalgamation of continuous delivery (devops) with testing operations. In this article we will discuss the testops methodoloy and its implementation.

Traditional Practice

Agile software organizations focus on delivering continuous product updates and as a result devops teams & processes are the focal point. Creating automated pipelines accelerates the delivery as required. This approach however, comes with a bottleneck — quality checks. …

In continuation to my earlier post , we will address how to optimize the test automation framework to enable the capability for auto-generating selenium test cases.

Continuing our discussion on wrapper classes, a single package should be created containing classes for each HTML element. These classes will contain all possible operations that would be performed on that element. For example, a textbox class would contain the methods:

  • click()
  • type()
  • clear()
  • clearAndType()
  • getText()

These methods will contain the respective selenium statements for performing the actions. …

Test automation has always been a buzz words ever since it’s conception. The idea of a script mimicking a human’s actions to discover flaws in the software application has increased the software quality by many folds.

While everyone dives in to an test automation initiative, teams don’t fully understand it’s progression.

  • To begin with, the test automation script development takes few months, but it’s maintenance consumes twice as much than its development effort.
  • The scripts are developed by testers and not Java developer. Most of these scripts do not follow the coding guidelines and lack a proper strategy in script development. …


Mayur Suryanarayan

I am a software test automation architect and a technology enthusiast looking at ways to become lazier each day.

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