La Isla Bonita

As a daydreamer who tend to idealize things, Asia Outdoor has always been in my heart as a crush.

Source: Asia Outdoors Instagram

I met them two years ago when I first came to Cat Ba, leading groups of backpackers bar hopping, being crazy and stupid together while they escape life in vacation and I escape life in work. And just seeing those dynamic climbers for the first time, I was immediately hooked. That hub of energetic climbers are like magnet, pulling us in, evoking in us a wild sensation.

Set up by Slo & Erik, 2 American hard core climbers, Asia Outdoors soon become the climbing monopoly in the area. A group of carefree adventurers from all over the world gathering in a blissful island doing what they do best, with passion. A great stopover in life for anyone who loves adventure. YOLO at its most romantic scene.

Members keep changing but may not necessarily be something to be sad about. People come, living their dream wildly for a certain time and when the dream is over, they move on. Energy flows, maintaining a constant gratification for anyone involved.

A friend once commented “That’s a strange island” on a bus coming back to his country. You meet people & have connections there, and it feels like a flash in life. You lived it, loved it but may not want to do it again. It crystallizes into a gem, reflecting your youth beautifully, that’s it. Like a postcard from childhood in a precious box. You still keep it and open once in a while to be nostalgic and wowed again. Maybe when life lets you down.

“Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime”

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