Current News Assignment #7: Entertainment News

Robin Williams’ widow: He had just three years to live

Robin Williams’ former wife said in the first interview since he passed away that Robin only had at least three more years to live. She said that a problem more than depression was that he had extreme anorexia. She says that she does not blaming him for taking his own life because he was suffering from conditions.

Is J.K. Rowling working on a new children’s book?

J.K. Rowling is now working on her first children’s book since Harry Potter. She did not specifically say if it will be related to Harry Potter or not. She says that she will continue to write many more novels and stories.

Jennifer Lawrence: Being called ‘bratty’ proved a Hollywood point

Jennifer Lawrence did not mind being called ‘bratty’ when she tried proving a point at a press conference. She wanted to show how hard it is to be a woman and talk about inequalities and salaries in general. The heart of her essay is that she wants people to speak up.

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