A new face, same codebase

Pair Programming is a huge part of the Makers methodology. Each day at we are assigned a new pair and whomever is furthest in the tasks will dispose of their codebase and adopt the other members. This meant this morning was devoted to the branching and sharing of my codebase with my new pair so we could begin from a common starting point.

It was enlightening to see the advantages of having a pair where someone is more familiar with certain tasks/areas of the codebase than the other. It creates a dynamic where the more advanced person can hone the skill of explaining things while shoring up their understanding. While the less experienced developer has their learning accelerated by the advent of having a more experienced person to share their ideas with. I know it has often been said before but you quickly feel the benefits of pair programming, the sense of working together and sharing ownership of code is real and genuine.

A diagram to help illustrate one of the advantages of Pair Programming

We also received a workshop on Object Oriented Programming and how functions should be grouped into discrete Object by behaviours. This is in stark contrast to how I had often been developing in the past where my programs were just a list of commands and eventually led me to the desired output. Once you begin to think in an Object Oriented manner it is easy to see how you can get from a very small simple program with few objects to a large one where many thousands of objects interact with each other in specific ways.

Apologies for the lack of jokes, here is a picture of a dog.