Preparing For The Divide

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If America was married the marriage counselor would likely tell us to get divorced. The trust is gone and the hopes of forever happiness decrease every day.

We now live in an America with no just different ideologies but also different facts. Historical writer, Doris Kearns Goodwin, once said that the divided media of today reminds her what America had in the 1850’s. She would know, she wrote the book Team Of Rivals going deep into the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

When we have different beliefs and different facts making conversation across the division of America…

Don’t be so quick to assume

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Can you, as an adult, be forced to take a vaccine? Even if you don’t want it?

Don’t be so quick to assume you know the answer.

The shocking truth is you might be required to under your state laws.

As we have been investigating the issues a surprising number of states have forced vaccine laws on their books but they are rarely publicized.

What states have them?

We’ve found a few and we are still researching others (more on that later).

Our Journey Started With Florida

With the growth of the spread of Coronavirus Florida started paying attention to out of state visitors. …

The reality of fueling yourself to success

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Motivation is great — but after a while it slips away. It’s fleeting.

Most of us have moments of great motivation. Hearing that speaker, learning something new, or finding a new goal or dream.

Maybe our motivation comes from love. Wanting to do something right to help a family member or boyfriend or girlfriend.

Whatever the source of motivation, keeping motivation can be hard. Really hard.

So how do you stay motivated each day? How do you keep it rolling?

I recently recorded a Motivational Minute and I wanted to share the key lessons with you. …

Avoid a big mistake few are talking about

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I am watching a very sad trend right now.

Many business owners are setting themselves up for a second round of pain.

There is no doubt that almost every business is in pain from the likes of Covid-19 and the widespread economic changes from it.

And what could make that pain worse? Having to go through it all again.

And sadly many, many businesses are getting into a position where they will have the pain of Covid-19 and a second round of pain yet again.

To hopefully help you and those you love let’s jump into why I think there…

Many have fought for the loans and here’s early advice on getting the grant at the end

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The PPP (Payroll Protection Program) loan program has had its challenges.

Many business owners did get loans. If you did, congratulations! Not everyone had a good experience. Some are still waiting to know if they are in or out.

And if you got the loan you are probably hoping to get some, or all, of the loan forgiven. And that’s going to require some work.

This week I had fellow attorney Terry Traveland join me on the McBride Attorneys Law Show on YouTube to discuss what the best practices will be for forgiveness.

While we can’t give you legal advice…

As is often the case provisions in rush federal legislation are working against each other

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

The combination of employees, layoffs, unemployment and the loan forgiveness of the PPP are all coming together in a weird way.

Many employers have fought through banks and bureaucracy to get a PPP loan approved then been hit with a major unexpected issue. (For tips on your PPP documents check this out.)

It seems that many employers are finding out that their employees don’t want to come back to work, yet, because the unemployment pay is so good. In fact, with the federal supplement to unemployment, some employees are making more on unemployment than they were working.

And for employers…

Real tips on how to do marketing the right way in a strange time

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If you are like most businesses your business has changed due to Coronavirus/Covid-19.

And you’ve probably changed your products and services.

Good marketing would tell you that when you have new products and services you should tell folks about them.

But there’s Coronavirus. And you don’t want to look like a sleazeball.

So what do you do?

I got to sit down with Jena Apgar of Warfare Marketing on how to do digital marketing at this touchy time.

Here’s some key tips for us business owners and leaders at this usual time.

#1 — Marketing Is Still OK

One thing…

What we can take away

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

I ended my weekend doing what many people apparently did this weekend. I binge watched Netflix’s recent series Too Hot To Handle.

I found it fun and interesting to watch.

I also took time to reflect and pull some business lessons out of the series.

So what can we, as business owners and leaders, learn about our businesses from the series?

Glad you asked. Here’s some of the key takeaways I had.

NOTE: The takeaways here are tied to the whole series — so if you haven’t seen the show there might be some spoilers in here or it might…

The reality of coming back after Coronavirus

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If you are like me you are probably wondering what happened in the last month.

Sometimes I wake up and ask myself if this has been some extended dream.

The chantings of Coronavirus seem unreal. So much of our business world has changed in the last 6 weeks.

But at some point we have to get back to work.

My area of focus is business plans. Through my legal practice I started working with folks to develop their business plans. Eventually that became a speaking and consulting practice.

This is not the first disruption I’ve seen.

So let me share…

Frank advice for thought

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

As someone that uses the internet and online strategies as part of my marketing I’m on a lot of mailing lists.

And a lot of people are treating this as business as usual. I see inbound emails where the author doesn’t even tip their hat to Coronavirus.

It’s not like there aren’t people advising people to do that. “Don’t panic over Coronavirus.” “Keep traveling.” “Don’t let it stop the economy.”

These are all cries you’ll hear in different articles and places.

And they are all wrong.

Not that you should panic. But pretending like Coronavirus doesn’t exist is just plain…

R. Shawn McBride

The Planning Done Right Guy(TM) — focus: The Future of Business — host of The Future Done Right(TM) Show on YouTube.

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