These groups know that Claire is the only candidate fighting for Missouri families.

Claire is proud to be endorsed by organizations that are fighting for hardworking Missourians across the Show Me State — and the publications who recognize her work for our state. Our state’s teachers, veterans, unions, firefighters, farmers, and nurses all know that Claire has their back. Here are just a few who’ve said Claire’s got their vote on November 6.

Josh Hawley has proven time and time again that he doesn’t understand healthcare. So, we’re here to break it down for him.







Lowell Schachtsiek introduces Claire to a crowd of farmers on her Working Families Tour.

Claire’s speaking up and speaking out for farmers like me

By Lowell Schachtsiek, Palmyra farmer

When it comes to farming, you could say that my family’s been doing it for quite some time. My great-grandfather started farming in 1850, and my dad started our farm here in Palmyra in 1930. That’s where I farm now, with my brother, his son, and my two sons. It’s our family business. That’s why these tariffs feel personal.

We farm corn and soybeans, which puts us directly in the line of fire of this administration’s tariffs. Soybean prices have already dropped 20% this summer. If prices are going down, that means my family’s income…

Claire touring Mid Continent Nail in Poplar Bluff, MO. Photo by David Carson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

By Claire McCaskill

To the men and women of Mid Continent Nail:

Thank you for welcoming me to Mid Continent a few weeks ago. It was important for me to see first-hand the great work you do, the teamwork, and the pride you take in producing an American product.

I understand that the recent tariffs are threatening the existence of Mid Continent in Poplar Bluff. What a shame that a tariff designed to help American workers, is instead damaging so many.

To add insult to injury, the Administration recently tried to pawn off the problem presented by the tariffs by criticizing you, your…

How secret donors influence everything from net neutrality, to drug prices, and right-to-work(-for-less)

Dark money.

If you’ve seen Claire at any of her (many) events across Missouri, you’ve heard her talk about it. If you follow her on social media, then you’ve definitely heard her talk about it. But there’s still a lot more to say about the destabilizing and deeply corrupting effect that dark money has had on our politics.

We might not know exactly how much is floating around or who’s behind it, but we do know that dark money is working against Missouri families in three major ways: it’s taking the side of giant corporations in the fight over net…

By Claire McCaskill

When you re-elected me to serve as your senator, I promised to keep taking Missouri commonsense to Washington and work across the aisle to fix the problems Missouri families face every day. Well, I’ve been working hard to honor that promise, and I’m proud to say we’ve made some real progress together.

In the last year alone, President Trump has signed into law over 25 different bills that I helped to draft, sponsored, or co-sponsored. Bills like the Arla Harrell Act, which makes sure that veterans like Arla — who was subjected to secret mustard gas experiments by the US…

A live blog of Claire’s Veterans and Military Families Tour

#BigBlue Out

Our tour may be over, but Claire’s work on veterans issues continues. Join her team by texting CLAIRE to 83224!

Until next time,

— #BigBlue 🚌

Posted Thursday, 6:07 p.m.

by Claire McCaskill

As the daughter of a World War II veteran, my dad was — and still is — my hero. Growing up, he made sure I understood the incredible sacrifices that our men and women in uniform, and their families, make every day.

He showed me what real superheroes look like — the brave souls who’ve given up everything to fight for what’s right. We’ll never be able to repay our debt for their service or express our full gratitude for their sacrifice, but taking today to say thank you is a good start.

By Cory Booker

This weekend, I’m joining my friend and colleague Claire McCaskill on the campaign trail in Missouri.

Claire is a true leader and fighter for working class families. I’ve had the privilege to work with Claire as New Jersey’s junior senator and I’ve witnessed her countless times on the Senate floor fighting for Missourians, and bringing their voices with her to the Senate every day.

Missourians and Americans across our country simply can’t afford to lose Claire’s leadership — or risk having Missouri’s senate seat flip red.

Unfortunately, Claire faces a tough battle ahead to win re-election this November. Special interest…

Claire is fighting tirelessly to expand access to quality affordable healthcare; tackle the cost of higher education; and confront waste, fraud, and abuse in government — but she can’t do it alone. That’s why #TeamClaire is going to do everything we can to help re-elect Claire this November. Here are 8 ways you can help us do just that!

1. Register to vote

This year’s election promises to be a close one, which means we need the support of as many voters as possible — including you!

Make sure that you’re registered to vote at your current address by going to

Team Claire

The official Medium account for McCaskill for Missouri. Join #TeamClaire by texting CLAIRE to 83224!

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