Fighting to create good paying jobs for Missourians

Claire has always been a fighter for hardworking Missourians. During her time in the Senate, she’s reached across the aisle and passed laws that have helped create and protect good paying jobs for our citizens.

Building infrastructure, creating jobs

Missouri’s thriving infrastructure sector creates quality jobs for a lot of folks in our state. But big construction projects too often get tangled up in red tape, which can slow them down and threaten jobs. So Claire got to work, partnering with her Republican colleagues to pass the Federal Permitting Improvement Act, which cut back on red tape for large federal infrastructure projects.

Helping our veterans get the opportunities they’ve earned

Our veterans have earned every opportunity to succeed when they come home. The daughter of a World War II veteran, Claire has been a fierce advocate for our nation’s servicemembers. She secured a major legislative victory for our troops when she co-sponsored and passed the 21st Century GI Bill, which provides financial help to those pursuing a college degree or vocational training. She also fought to make sure that veterans could find jobs using skills they learned while on duty and was a leading advocate for the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which provides employment and education assistance to former servicemembers.

Standing up for Missouri’s businesses

When Missouri’s businesses face unfair competition from foreign competitors playing by different rules, the consequences can be serious. That’s why Claire supported the Trade Facilitation & Trade Enforcement Act, which gave Missouri’s businesses more of the tools they need to fight back against the often harmful trade practices of countries like China. Claire also led a bipartisan charge to make it easier and more cost-effective for American manufacturers to import specialty materials not available in the United States. And she’s personally fought for Missouri’s businesses by giving testimony to the International Trade Commission to help create jobs.

Claire knows that when Missourians have access to quality, high-paying jobs, it strengthens our economy. She’s been fighting for years to create and protect jobs here at home — and she’s just getting started.

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