So I’m going to start to keep some notes, about the functional, pragmatic things we can do to make sure our technologies, and the community that creates those technologies, become far more humane.
Toward Humane Tech
Anil Dash

I hope you’ll share these notes — we all have a lot to learn from each other about how to make our technologies more humane.

If it’s not too early to contribute ideas, I try to focus on building humanity into tech in three ways: 1. choosing the platforms Frontline develops on based on reach (particularly with disadvantaged groups) and usability for users over developer/designer convenience; 2. building tools to support distributed ownership and management of data/process; and 3. working on new models of participatory governance that treat technology systems and IP as the utilities and common resources they often become.

I would love to find a space for others to contribute and share ideas about what more humane tech looks like and/or how they approach building it.

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